SIG to Introduce the P227 double-stack .45 ACP at SHOT Show 2013


SIG aficionados at SIG Sauer Guns and Accessories blogged about an upcoming addition to the SIG lineup, the P227, a double-stack version of the P220. We have contacted SIG and confirmed that this rumor to be true, and that SIG will be launching the P227 at the 2013 SHOT Show. Not all the final details have been hammered out, so there is still some room for speculation.

We do know that with a capacity of 10+1 rounds of .45 ACP and with 14-round extended magazines, this handgun is already going to be a success and we don’t even have proper photos of it yet.

They report that the P227 is likely to be offered in three models, a full-size P227 with a 4.4-inch barrel, one with and one without night sights, and a 3.9-inch Compact SIG Anti-Snag model with night sights. SIG’s SAS handguns are dehorned, with the sharp corners rounded off, and are intended for concealed-carry and come without a Picatinney rail and with night sights.

The P227 will be parts-compatible to a large degree with the P220 and you will be able to swap slides between them. They will likely use E2 grips to keep the grip size down. Double-stack .45s are usually on the girthy side and anything to slim down the grip will be welcome.

Prices have not yet been written in stone but they are likely to be priced in-line with SIGs other classic P-series pistols, but of course we wouldn’t be surprised if, by virtue of being shiny, new and awesome will command a bit of a price premium at first.

Actually, the only thing that could hold this gun back is SIG. When they announced the P224 people were ready to buy the instant they got word. However, the execution and delivery wasn’t great. Instead of a 9mm DA/SA concealed-carry pistol with the new, slender E2 grips, they produced a DAK pistol chambered in .40 S&W with chunky “Extreme” grips.

And even with the group of buyers who wanted that exact configuration, availability of the pistol was practically nil. We really hope the case isn’t the same with the P227.

With the P227, SIG needs to bring a DA/SA decocker handgun true to the original P220, just now with a much greater capacity. Down the road they can come out with a SAO model and a DAK for those crowds, an Elite model and a Stainless version, but to launch the gun right they need to stay with their base. SIG is aware of this and is likely to quite literally stick to their guns and kick off the P227 with traditional configurations and controls.

The P220 was developed in 1975 to replace the WWII-era SIG P210 standard issue with the Swiss military, and is the first and original model of what is considered today to be the “classic P-series” SIG pistols. All the other designs are derivatives of the now-iconic P220.

We still have some waiting and seeing to do, and we look forward to every bit of it. It gets the name P227 because it will be similar in size to the P226, even if we think P221 would have made more sense. It will fit in standard P220/P226 holsters.





A few years ago I downsized my concealed carry pistol from a Para Ordnance P12 .45 ACP to a S&W 642 in .38 Special+P. the 642 has served well but the trigger pull was very heavy, it lacked night sights and most of all it wasnt a .45 and Im a .45 guy to the bone. So I set out to find a suitable replacement. Interestingly there wasn’t many  main stream handguns that fit the bill or more importantly that I would trust my life with. I looked at Glock, Smith & Wesson, HK, Springfield Armory, Beretta, Sig Saue, Ruger and CZ but nothing fit the bill. Then it hit me, why not go back to where I started back to Para Ordnance which is now PARA USA here in the states. Low and behold they had exactly what I was looking for, the PARA USA PDA LDA .45 ACP CWX645RS. The PXT LDA is a single stack 6+1 pocket sized double action only based on a 1911.

Carrying the PDA LDA

My standard holster for a concealed carry handgun is the KRAMER VERTICAL SCABBARD from KRAMER HANDGUN LEATHER which I have promptly ordered. Additionally I ordered two spare magazines from the PARA PRO SHOP.


From Para Usa:

When you need to respond in seconds and outside help is minutes away, the PARA PDA in .45 ACP is your able assistant. Ready to answer the call are 6+1 rounds of .45 ACP. The potent fire power of the PDA is at your command with the controllable smooth LDA trigger. The PDA .45 won’t weigh you down; its lightweight alloy frame drops the weight of this micro compact to 24 ounces.

  • Product Code: CWX645RS
  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Rounds: 6+1
  • Barrel: 3″
  • Weight: 24 oz.
  • Length: 6.5″
  • Height: 4.75″
  • Hammer: Spurless
  • Sights: Night Sights
  • Receiver: Alloy
  • Finish: Duo-Tone
  • Magazine: PNM645P
  • MSRP: $1,299.00


My friend went KIMBER 1911 shopping today for a KIMBER PRO CDP II and came home with a KIMBER TACTICAL PRO II 1911 PISTOL. The gun shop reports that Kimber has a backlog of 60,000 handguns.





Caliber: .45 ACP
Height (inches) 90° to barrel: 5.50
Weight (ounces) with empty magazine: 28
Length (inches): 7.7
Magazine capacity: 7
Magazine well
Ambidextrous thumb safety
Recoil spring (pounds): 22.0
Full-length guide rod
Also available: 9 mm


Material: Aluminum
Finish: Matte gray
KimPro II™ frame finish
Width (inches): 1.28
Front strap checkering
Checkering under trigger guard


Material: Steel
Finish: Matte black


Length (inches): 4
Material: Steel, match grade
Twist rate (left hand): 16


Meprolight Tritium 3-dot night sight, fixed
Radius (inches): 5.7


Double diamond
Kimber logo


Premium aluminum, match grade
Factory setting (appx. pounds): 4.0 – 5.0