Colt Delta Elite 10mm Pistol

Colt Delta Elite 10mm Pistol

Colt released the Delta Elite in the late 80’s. Unfortunately for a host of reasons the world wasn’t ready for the 10mm auto cartridge and its lower powered sibling the 40S&W took all the fame and purchase orders. The Delta Elite was discontinued. Through the years that followed the 10mm cartridge began to see its popularity grow and manufacturer’s began to offer 10mm pistols. The discontinued Delta Elite saw it’s value increase as they became sought after by shooters who understood the calibers near 41 magnum performance and ballistics. Around 2008 Colt recognized that the shooting world was now ready for a Delta Elite. Colt went back to the drawing board and redesigned the Delta Elite to correct some of the issues of the original model.

I have one issue with the improved Delta Elite and that’s the rear sight. I feel Colt should have opted for the Novak Low Profile sight offered on the Colt Combat Elite. Additionally if they used their rail gun frameĀ  the Delta elite would appeal to a much bigger shooting group. Then again this is Colt being Colt.

Anyhow I do plan on owning a Delta Elite by winter 2012. I think it will be a great project gun.

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