Comp-Tac Holsters Get Top Pick by Handguns Magazine



Handguns Magazine’s February-March issue features the article “2011 Holster Guide” ( in which Comp-Tac Victory Gear received top picks. Comp-Tac’s Minotaur MTAC was listed for inside the waistband and the Pro Competition Kit for outside the waistband holsters.

Comp-Tac’s MTAC is a leather and Kydex hybrid holster that features an interchangeable Kydex half-body mounted to a universal leather backing. The leather backing is composed of two pieces of top grain cowhide stitched back-to-back with the grain side out to achieve maximum comfort for the wearer and protection for the holstered firearm. This holster features two adjustable belt clips that allow the wearer to adjust the ride depth, the cant, and even change out the clip style depending on your carry needs. The MTAC is tuckable and is available with a black or chestnut leather backing.

Comp-Tac’s Pro Competition Kit comes with a Paddle Holster and Twin Magazine Pouch. The Paddle Holster rides close to the body and is used by both competition shooters and concealed carriers alike. The magazine carrier is available with either a belt clip mounting option or a paddle backing. Concealed handgun carriers enjoy the convenience of being able to put on/remove the gear and conceal it with minimal effort.

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