So I headed off to Blue Trail Range in Wallingford Connecticut last Friday to put a few new weapons through their paces. First up was the FNP 45 TACTICAL and a surprise. Upon inserting a loaded  to capacity  magazine the slide closed by itself chambering a round. To say I was caught off guard was an understatement. Initially I thought that maybe somehow I managed to hit the slide stop but further shooting revealed it was repeatable for four out of five magazines. After I got used to this action I joked to myself that this would be a slick feature in combat situations. I continued shooting and havng a great experience the the FNP 45 TACTICAL.

Later when I was home I decided to see if I missed something in the operators manual. After browsing cover to cover a few times I didnt fimd anything unsual or any cautionary notes on the slide release and magazine changes. I next decided to search Google. Low and behold this seems to be a common comment about all of the FN FNP series of handguns. Some comments state it is in the design. Others state it’s from inserting magazines with too much force.  My personal experience is that I inserted the magazine gently butt had to give it a smack to lock in place when the magazine was loaded to capacity. Furthermore I am unable to recreate the action with an empty magazine regardless of the force used.

If anyone knows the facts on this subject please drop me a line by commenting here.

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