HK Adds New Models of the P30 Pistol for 2011

SHOT Show 2011, Las Vegas —Heckler & Koch is adding additional models to the P30 pistol line in time for the 2011 SHOT Show. The introduction of long slide P30 models (P30LS) in caliber .40 S&W with ambidextrous safeties and a light-weight LEM trigger pull should appeal to target shooters as well as law enforcement and personal defense users.

First introduced in 2007, the P30 series is rapidly becoming the cornerstone of the HK handgun line. With its interchangeable backstraps and side grip panels (three sizes of either part are available, small, medium and large), the P30 is rare in having a grip that can be completely customized to fit any shooter. Most pistols that offer such adjustable features stop with replaceable backstraps.

HK P30L Handgun

HK P30L Handgun

The P30 line includes standard (P30) and long slide models (P30L) in both 9 mm and .40 S&W. In the U.S., the P30 is available with several fire control modes. The proprietary HK “LEM” (Law Enforcement Modification) trigger is an enhanced double-action-only fire control that ensures reliable and safe handling. A choice of two different LEM triggers are available. The “Variant 2” P30 has a 7.3-pound trigger pull and the new P30LS “Variant 1” pistol comes standard with a crisp 4.5-pound trigger pull. P30 models are also available with a conventional doubleaction/ single-action trigger control system that features a serrated decocking button on the rear of the slide.

For 2011, the “S” Safety models with their ambidextrous safety levers positioned on each side of the pistol’s frame are also available with conventional double-action/single-action trigger control, or “V3” (for Variant 3) triggers. A serrated decocking button on the rear of the slide allows the hammer of a V3 P30 to be lowered when in cocked single action.

Other ambidextrous controls include dual slide releases and magazine release levers. All P30 models have a Picatinny rail molded into the front of the frame; making mounting lights, laser aimers, or other accessories easy and convenient.

Excellent weight and balance make all P30 models naturally pointable, easy to control, and accurate to shoot. An open notch rear sight with luminous (non-radioactive) contrast points allows for fast and accurate target acquisition, even under poor lighting conditions. Optional accessory night sights are also available.

Extensively tested, the P30, P30L, P30S, and P30LS models have already been adopted by several international police and security agencies, including the 40,000 member German Federal Police (Bundespolizei). During a recent reliability test conducted here in the U.S., one 9 mm P30 survived firing more than 90,000 rounds.

About Heckler & KochHeckler & Koch is the world’s premier small arms systems company and a major supplier to global military, law enforcement agencies, and civilian shooters. An innovative leader in design and manufacturing, Heckler & Koch provides technologically advanced firearms, logistical support, training, and specialized services with the highest standards of innovation and reliability to its customer base. Heckler & Koch’s well-known range of products include the USP series pistols, MP5 submachine gun, the MP7 Personal Defense Weapon, the G36 weapon system, the HK416 enhanced carbine, and the recently introduced HK45 and P30 series pistols.

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