Since purchasing my GEN 4 GLOCK 22 a few months back I have become some what consumed with all things GLOCK. Recently I stumbled upon THE COMPLETE GLOCK REFERENCE GUIDE. The book seems to get great reviews online. This leaves me no choice but to purchase a copy for my self.

Ill add a follow up post after I spend some time with the book.




PTOOMA Productions LLC of Spokane, Washington has assembled a group of the finest Glock certified advanced Armorers, former high-ranking Glock Employees, and leaders of the Glock parts and accessories industry to produce “The Complete Glock Reference Guide”.

Subjects include:

  • Extensive coverage of Glock history
  • Assembly/disassembly
  • Maintenance
  • Customization
  • Parts interchangeability
  • Everything else you ever wanted or needed to know about your Glock handgun.

Jam-packed with more than 300 pages and over 400 black and white/color photos.

Special featured section includes “The Ultimate Glock Torture Test”. We subjected a G23 to the most rigorous torture test ever performed and captured on video.

This guide is the most comprehensive collection of Glock information ever offered. If you own or use any Glock handgun, this book is an absolute necessity!

“The Complete Glock Reference Guide” is the follow up to the very successful “Glock Repair & Maintenance CD-ROM” released in 2002, which was used as courseware at the well-known Front Sight Training Institute in Las Vegas Nevada.

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