Avoiding the temptation to buy another 1911 or 10mm GLOCK I am currently leaning heavily towards the highly regarded HECKLER KOCH HK45 PISTOL. Quite simply In my lifetime of shooting I have never owned an HK handgun of any type. Now this isn’t to say that I didn’t have more than a passing interest in the P7 or USP when they were released. I think for the most part the cost was more than I could accept at that time in my life. Today in 2011 the price of the HK45 is inline with other premium handguns from the likes of SIG SAUER. In fact a decent KIMBER 1911 will cost about 50 percent more than HK45.

If I learned one thing about myself and firearms over the years it’s that just talking about something is 3/4 of the way to buying. I’m thinking that may apply to blogging as well.

Stay Tuned